I try to create an experience of natural spontaneity and layered concepts as a photographer & director. I'm also an editor & retoucher. Taking influence from the eccentric characters and cultures of London.

I've worked with a very diverse list of clients.

I like story telling, truth and natural beauty.

I mostly shoot on film.



Published work and clients

Comptoir de Cotonniers

Cooler Magazine

Dazed and Confused

Delfina Delettrez

Document Journal

Disturber Magazine  


Elle Taiwan

Elle UK

Fault Magazine

Hfn music



Italian Vogue


LOVE magazine


Memphis Industries

Neon Magazine


No Thoughts

Pictures Music

Planet Mu Records

Super Super

Twin Magazine



Warner Brothers



My work has also been exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Aarhus and Bologna


Richie Culver's words

"He has been my personal favourite photographer in London for a while now. He manages to capture the seedier corners of London but make them vibrant, his own. If you wanted to give a booklet out on London's night life and underbelly to someone that had never partied in London properly. I'd send them David's photos. He is on his own in that division of photography, he is like a Dash or Ryan Mcginey. Over the pond we have David"